RH Fisheries on the Sitch

The Sitch is a naturally formed breathtaking 26 acre estate lake, surrounded by mature dense woodland that boasts a spectacular variety of trees, and is home to a diverse range of wildlife. The fishery has 20 purpose built pegs, some situated in the woodland and others on purpose-built platforms set out on the lakeside amongst the reed and sedges.

The lake is stocked with 450 young monument strain carp. These fish range from 12lbs-30lbs and are growing at a healthy rate, with the number of 20’s increasing each month! There are also a number of 30lb fish, with the lake record currently standing at 38lbs+. On top of the current stock, we also adopt an ongoing year-on-year stocking policy, with a view to improving on the high end fish we have exceeding 30lbs. So the future looks promising for the Sitch as the fish continue to grow. With 450 fish, multiple catches are common place. These fish really respond to heavy baiting tactics and with depths not exceeding 4ft you are never too far away from your target. The Sitch is run as a syndicate from June to March and is a great way to start your fishing career on an RH Fisheries syndicate water.

For more information contact Ed 07779 257812.

Holiday Swim

This swim is open for bookings 12 months of the year! It is a superb giant board swim, purpose built for 2 anglers to enjoy, offering plenty of room for two bivvies, either side of a picnic table, making the swim very comfortable. There is an unhooking mat / cradle on the swim, so you only need your landing net and weigh sling (rod pods or stage stands are required). We sell the swim on a weekly basis only, from Saturday – Saturday for two anglers. The Holiday Swim commands a large area looking down the stunning 26 acre fishery.

For more information contact Alex on 01952 463141 or visit www.rhfisheries.com