The Preston Trust Homes Charity

The Preston Trust Homes were founded with bequests from Lady Herbert in 1716 and Lord Torrington in 1718. Both were children of the 1st Earl of Bradford and the family link has been maintained to the present day with the 7th Earl of Bradford being the Chairman of the Trustees and most of the other Trustees being family members.  

John, The Warden at Preston Trust Homes The original bequest was to build and endow an almshouse for 12 poor women and 12 poor girls of Shropshire. The bequest from Lord Torrington was for the building of the Hall which was intended for use as a schoolroom and chapel. 

By the 1820's there were 20 women and 20 girls who were admitted at the age of 7 and kept until they were 16. This continued until about 1960 when the girls' dormitories were converted into double flats and whilst preference is still given to widows and spinsters, men can be admitted.

Preston Trust Homes has since relocated from Preston upon the Weald Moors to a modern purpose built building in Newport accommodating 14 apartments for sole or dual occupancy, with residents mostly aged from sixties to nineties. 


For further information please contact the Warden, John, on 01952 282 050.