Outback 2 Basics: Stoneage workshops

We teach both Stone Age education and Bushcraft skills using the woodlands as an outdoor classroom. Our sessions are always highly interactive and hands on. All of our courses promote team building and group cohesion and are structured to meet national curriculum objectives.

Our Sticks and Stone Age programme is a great way to introduce the Stone Age topic. We offer a unique interactive show and tell to really bring the subject alive and encourage children to connect with their heritage. We pass around the tools, the furs and containers of the past making the Stone Age subject a 3D experience. Choose from our list of activities for your hands on workshops. Get messy with cave art, light up our cave with primitive lamps, learn the process of making a stone tool or build a shelter just like our Mesolithic ancestors.

For more information, visit www.outback2basics.co.uk

Alternatively, why not plan a Bushcraft trip with us. Bring a group to us for a really wild outdoor residential. These sessions are great for team building and confidence enhancing. Students get the opportunity to learn practical hands-on skills whilst connecting to their natural environment. Our sessions are always highly interactive and enjoyable. Activities can range from fire lighting and foraging to carving and campfire cooking and lots more in between.

For more information please visit www.outback2basics.co.uk