Demand for county life now outstripping supply

There was a huge rise in families and couples searching for more of a rural way of life in 2020 – with many people leaving their city lives behind to dwell in Shropshire. And with one estate agent seeing a 65 per cent increase in searches in the area already this year, it is something that doesn’t appear to be slowing down. But the team at Bradford Estates has said the county hasn’t got enough houses to meet demand. “Every time we put a property on the market, we get hundreds of enquiries,” said Alexander Newport, managing director at Bradford Estates.

Which is great to see that people want to live and work here in Shropshire, but it’s an issue that we can’t service them all – or even people who have lived here all their lives.” Mr Newport said he has tenants whose children have grown up and wanted to stay in the area but couldn’t get a house. “It’s astonishing,” he added. “Every time a property goes up on the market, it’s snatched up almost instantly.”

Bradford Estates works closely with Fields of Shifnal on all of its lettings. “No matter the location, size or style of the property on the estate, we get a reaction immediately and the impact is always substantial,” said managing director, Adam Teecey.

“Not only is the initial interest incredible, but the tenants who let within the estates, almost always go on to secure their tenancies long term.” Bradford Estates is a family business with more than 900 years of history being the stewards of 12,000 acres of land in the counties of Shropshire and Staffordshire.
Mr Teecey added: “It’s a testament to the community the estates has created – all of its tenants want to stay there and want their families to stay, too.
“But the trend is the same across Shifnal and surrounding areas, it’s a very popular place to move to. I’d go as far as saying that the demand will only increase in the coming months and as we move through 2021, as families and couples alike wish to move.”
Bradford Estates has plans to build up to 3,000 sustainably-developed new homes, including affordable housing, as part of its proposal to develop land close to Junction 3 of the M54. The J3 scheme would also include 50 hectares of employment land, as well as new schools and health provisions.