Future Proposals FAQ

Who is Bradford Estates?

Bradford Estates was founded to manage land which has been passed down through generations of the same family and is now led by Viscount Alexander Newport, its Managing Director.

Does Bradford Estates own Weston Park?

Bradford Estates and The Weston Park Foundation are two separate organisations.  

Weston Park is owned and maintained by the Weston Park Foundation, an independent charitable trust, established in 1986 after the 7th Earl Bradford gifted the estate to the nation.  The House, Capability Brown parkland, formal gardens, Granary and estate dwellings within the park perimeter have not been part of the Bradford family's estate since 1986.

The Weston Park Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established to preserve, conserve and restore the estate, in perpetuity, for generations to enjoy.

Why is this land being developed?

Bradford Estates does not currently have consent to develop its land nor is the site yet allocated in the Shropshire Local Plan Review.  The Shropshire Local Plan Review is still at an early stage of preparation and will ultimately determine where new homes, jobs and other facilities are located over the coming years.  We have made representations regarding Land at Monarch’s Way to the last round of consultation on the Shropshire Local Plan Review. At the next round of consultation, the Council will publish their preferred locations for housing and employment growth, including potential new site allocations. The Council are currently anticipating that this consultation will take place in the Autumn.  The Council has recently indicated that it will now consider larger potential sites early in 2019 and we are continuing to progress discussions with the Council in line with their Local Plan Review timetable.

How can I find out more information about Shropshire Council’s Local Plan?

The following link contains all of the information about Shropshire’s Local Plan Review process and will be updated with consultation timeframes, as well as how to submit a representation, as the Plan process progresses.  https://shropshire.gov.uk/planning-policy/local-planning/local-plan-partial-review-2016-2036/

Would all of the land be developed?

No.  A key requirement of any masterplanning process is to ensure that there is lots of open space for both new and existing residents to enjoy.  If the site is allocated as part of the Council’s Local Plan Review, further detailed studies would be undertaken to ensure any development coming forward is sensitive to the landscape and local heritage.

How can I comment?

Shropshire Council will undertake a number of consultations as the Local Plan process progresses and you can submit representations directly to those consultations.  Otherwise, the project team can always be contacted via 0207 399 2295, 07720088538 or by contacting Steve Carey at Curtin&Co stevec@curtinandco.com

What happens next?

Bradford Estates is committed to undertaking a comprehensive consultation with regards to any proposals which may come forward in future.  As soon as the technical studies have been completed to identify what may be possible, we will host a public consultation in line with, and complimentary to, the Council’s process.  Further information will be added to the website as soon as it becomes available.